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For many years, and in all areas of the world, wise investors have relied on real estate and rental properties to help build wealth – it’s a great investment strategy. However, for many rental property owners, properties soon become a source of major headaches because of all the time and attention they require. This issue is particularly compounded for property owners who own investment properties in Addis Ababa but who do not live here.

A great many of our current clients are not full-time investors, they have other full-time professional employment, so for them to personally deal with tenants, repairs, evictions, advertising, collections, maintenance, etc… just doesn’t make sense. Our goal here at ROC Spaces, is to help our clients bring in as much revenue as possible for their properties. Time is a valuable resource, so when investors see what we charge for professional management, versus what it would cost them in terms of time and effort to do it on their own – acquiring the services of a property management company is a very easy decision to make.

We know that there are a lot of property management companies here in Addis Ababa right now, however, not all are created equal. Here are some suggestions to consider when looking for a different or new property management company in Addis Ababa.

Good Communication

A good management company should always be available to answer a question or to help, even after hours. ROC Spaces client calls are answered by an experienced agent, who can answer questions, and provide immediate help.

Online Tools & Reports

In today’s digital age, online access to issue management, accounting info and reports are a must have. With ROC Access, you’ll have online access to tools, financial reports, evaluations, maintenance reports. Our accounting reports are especially helpful in keeping track of expenses and income.

Full Service

A professional property management company will have proven systems established and all necessary resources to handle all tenant interaction. Everything from leases, maintenance, emergencies, collections, and if needed, complete eviction proceedings. You can count on ROC Spaces to take the stress out of owning a rental property.

Competitive Price

Getting a good price is important, but watch out for hidden fees so that there will be no surprises later on. Our pricing plan is transparent. Please make your request here and we will return to you within short with the pricing plan.

If are you looking to hire a property management company for the first time in the Addis Ababa area, let us help you maximize your property investment profits!

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